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Have you ever had an afternoon where you’re daydreaming of going shopping? I just did … hehehe … The following are the things I shopped during my “Dream Shopping”

1. D & G Light Blue Perfume – I love this perfume ‘coz it has a very fresh scent (citrus like), I dont’ like the flowery scents kasi e.
2. Shoes Galore – lots! for office and for casual wear … of course I have to buy it in different colors to match my every wardrobe!
3. Bags – of course to match the shoes I bought
4. Clothes, clothes and lots of them! – from office attires to casual ones.
5. A Spa Treat for me and hubby! – We need this badly to release us from the stress around us (most especially office stress … ssshhhh quiet lang ha!)

Dreaming is free so I got all these for nothing … hehehe!


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