My Life … And Everything On It!

Yes, it was Renzo’s first out-of-town trip … Tagaytay City! We we’re invited by my sister-in-law to spend the day with them. They were supposed to check-in at a hotel but because it’s holy week and everybody is in the mood to take out-of-town trips … all the good hotels there are fully-booked! So, they ended up in the house of her uncle in Talisay, Batangas which was just 10 mins away from Tagaytay City. All I can say about the house … WOW! The house is not too big nor too small, it’s like a country house but better with all the modern furnitures around. They did also have a nipa hut (a small house made of wood) just across.  How I wish we have this kind of place to go to and relax.

I remember the Paradise Valley Real Estate I came across while I was surfing the net and they do offer help if you’d like to invest on a property whether residential or commercial, the group will be glad to assist you in whatever way they can.  And mind you,  acquiring a property doesn’t stop in having just the finances to buy one.  But there are still other factors to consider so better get good help.


Whew! Yes, you heard that right … I’m 3 months on the way and due to give birth to my 3rd child this September. Hmmm, seems so quick! My youngest Renzo just turned a year old last December and here we go again … another miracle … another blessing! Praying that it’s a girl already … Thank you Lord in advance!

To tell you frankly, I’m just starting my exercise regimen October of last year. I’ve been going to our office gym at least 2x to 3x a week at least together with some officemate.  Then i’m planning to go to a sauna at least once a week to shed off more fats by burning then while relaxing.  But fortunately, i’m preggy now so i’ll be postponing my trip then.  Oh well, I’m excited to visit and witness for myself the many health benefits I’ve been hearing about these infrared saunas.   They say that i’ts a good way to alleviate body  pains including menstrual pains.  And as I searched the net about this it also unclogs your pores of the accumulated dirt and oil (this is really an advantage for me since I’m prone to breakouts and acne) … hmmm, I can’t wait to try the infrared sauna!

March 25 it is … to work I go. After just barely 3 hours of sleep … the guys fetched me from work for the part 2 of our reunion. So, at 11am I was fetched by my friends and proceeded to Serendra at the Fort for lunch. Ate at Abe’s (famous for their delicious Kapampangan food). I have only heard how famous this resto was (e.g. people lining up outside just to wait for their turn to eat, if possible prior reservation is practiced so you get to have available seats, etc.) So, I was there and it’s true … Was to have dessert at Conti’s but was too hot to wait outside the restaurant so eventually ended up at Larry’s Cafe (if my memory serves me right). Just had iced mocha since I was so full from our Abe meal. I ended up going back to the office at around 3:45pm … Whew! I have to finish all the needed materials for our big Bohol event for Thursday … IDs, Attendance Sheet, Uniforms, etc. But the guys wanted to chat more … so they ended up waiting for me at the office parking while i’m doing my last minute preps for the event. Out at 6pm, we then proceeded to Marikina at a cafe at the back of SDS Hospital (sorry can’t remember the name, don’t worry i’ll be back to that cafe and make a review on them). We ordered pasta, pizza and rice meals. In fairness, they serve good food! The thin crust pizza was great, even the spicy shrimp pasta was a hit! Since we we’re still tired from the 3am gimmick that we had … we parted ways at 9pm and will prepare for the Part 3: A Get Together with our Families.

I was so happy to hear the news that my high school classmate and barkada Clarice went home for a vacation after 17 long years.  Yup, you heard that right … 17 years!  This was a perfect timing for us to have our much awaited reunion (which we’re planning for so long  time already).  So finally, last March 24, 2008 we met at Pasto in Eastwood City.  It’s an Italian Restaurant so pasta and pizza galore!  We felt that the night isn’t enough to catch up on each other’s stories.  So, we decided to go to Punchline for an evening of fun.  I never imagined that this comedy bar is famous to balikbayans.  Clarice was the first guest to sing infront of the audience and sang “Nandito Ako” by Ogie Alcasid.  Laugh and more laughs and we didn’t notice the time … it was already 2:30am.  Wow, I still have to go to work!  Well, I got home at 3am already … just took a short warm bath, went to bed, then woke up at 6am!  So off to work!!!

Indeed children are blessings from God!  And I really feel much more blessed to see that I’m gifted with two good-looking sons.  I don’t know if people are just naturally good but my sons never fail to get really amazing comments on how good-looking they are.  Even strangers when we’re malling or even at hospitals, name it and they would definitely notice them, talk to  them, ask them their names, play with them, etc.  Wow, what a great feeling for me as a mom!  I’ll post more pictures of them!  Have fun!

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Whew!  Finally a blog of my own.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but time just doesn’t permit.  But finally, o finally!!!  Stay tuned for more!!!

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