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Fitness Frenzy … Game to Conquer!!!

Posted on: September 2, 2009

Fitness Frenzy!  You know this game?  It’s a game where people line up to get fit, exercise and target their body areas that they wanted.  I’ve finished so far Day 24 and new equipments are added every 5 levels finished.  There’s also a spa treatment as you go along – infrared sauna, massage table and a whole lot more!  I’m really enjoying this game … and i’m into trying out it again, but in not in far infrared saunas.  I’ll just look for a nearer fitness center after I give birth and given a clearance from my OB.

Speaking of exercise, health and diet … hmmm, I think I should be more careful now of my food intake.  I’ve been making my pregnancy as an excuse so that I could eat whatever and whenever I want.  I’ll be giving birth already this Friday and now I have to be careful too in any food intake since I’ll be breastfeeding my third son!

Ciao for now!


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