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Biz Update!

Posted on: July 8, 2009

Hubby and I are thinking of getting a second hand pick-up for our new Foodcart biz. We’ve just been borrowing our Uncle’s pick-up every time we have an event. Well, we’re thankful for him ‘coz he’s so very kind in lending his pick-up to us for the two events we had.

One of my officemate is selling his 1996 Mitsubishi pick-up. We’d like to grab this opportunity since we know the vehicle is in good running condition and well maintained. Since we don’t have that much resources, I called up my friend who’s working in a bank and asked if we can loan a certain amount from their bank for a second hand vehicle. So, she inquired and gave us feedback that they only process loans for 2nd vehicles not more than 5 years. Owwww, maybe this is not yet the perfect time to buy one.

Well, we just hope that people would start to give us opportunities for our foodcart biz and who know we might end up getting a brand new vehicle instead of a second hand one.


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