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Yes, it was Renzo’s first out-of-town trip … Tagaytay City! We we’re invited by my sister-in-law to spend the day with them. They were supposed to check-in at a hotel but because it’s holy week and everybody is in the mood to take out-of-town trips … all the good hotels there are fully-booked! So, they ended up in the house of her uncle in Talisay, Batangas which was just 10 mins away from Tagaytay City. All I can say about the house … WOW! The house is not too big nor too small, it’s like a country house but better with all the modern furnitures around. They did also have a nipa hut (a small house made of wood) just across.  How I wish we have this kind of place to go to and relax.

I remember the Paradise Valley Real Estate I came across while I was surfing the net and they do offer help if you’d like to invest on a property whether residential or commercial, the group will be glad to assist you in whatever way they can.  And mind you,  acquiring a property doesn’t stop in having just the finances to buy one.  But there are still other factors to consider so better get good help.


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