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Whew! Yes, you heard that right … I’m 3 months on the way and due to give birth to my 3rd child this September. Hmmm, seems so quick! My youngest Renzo just turned a year old last December and here we go again … another miracle … another blessing! Praying that it’s a girl already … Thank you Lord in advance!

To tell you frankly, I’m just starting my exercise regimen October of last year. I’ve been going to our office gym at least 2x to 3x a week at least together with some officemate.  Then i’m planning to go to a sauna at least once a week to shed off more fats by burning then while relaxing.  But fortunately, i’m preggy now so i’ll be postponing my trip then.  Oh well, I’m excited to visit and witness for myself the many health benefits I’ve been hearing about these infrared saunas.   They say that i’ts a good way to alleviate body  pains including menstrual pains.  And as I searched the net about this it also unclogs your pores of the accumulated dirt and oil (this is really an advantage for me since I’m prone to breakouts and acne) … hmmm, I can’t wait to try the infrared sauna!


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