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Fitness Frenzy!  You know this game?  It’s a game where people line up to get fit, exercise and target their body areas that they wanted.  I’ve finished so far Day 24 and new equipments are added every 5 levels finished.  There’s also a spa treatment as you go along – infrared sauna, massage table and a whole lot more!  I’m really enjoying this game … and i’m into trying out it again, but in not in far infrared saunas.  I’ll just look for a nearer fitness center after I give birth and given a clearance from my OB.

Speaking of exercise, health and diet … hmmm, I think I should be more careful now of my food intake.  I’ve been making my pregnancy as an excuse so that I could eat whatever and whenever I want.  I’ll be giving birth already this Friday and now I have to be careful too in any food intake since I’ll be breastfeeding my third son!

Ciao for now!


help_keyI really need help guys! I’m due to give birth already on Friday, September 4, and we don’t have a name yet for our baby boy! Both my eldest and second son’s names are Spanish in origin but we seem to run out of good spanish names that starts with L and A. I was suggesting Leon to my hubby but he doesn’t approve of it ‘coz it’s a bit strong daw. Some of the names I thought of are the following:

1. Luiz Adriel (Luiz came from my eldest name Luis Alfonso)
2. Lucas Adriel
3. Luis Alonzo
4. Luis Alejandro
5. Leonardo Andres

So, if anyone of you have suggestions … please do post it ASAP!

Renzo is officially 1 year, 7 months and 26 days today. He doesn’t know so much words yet but he knows how to communicate what he wants. Example is whenever he wants to go out of the room, he’ll get your hand and lead you to the door and place your hand on the doorknob. Nice huh! But now he does more than just placing your hands on the doorknob … he now opens the door by himself!!! My oh my … this is terrible! Since he is tall for his age (people sometimes mistake him for a 2-1/2 or 3 year old kid already – at it also shows in his clothes … he wears 3T size pants already), he can reach easily the doorknob now.

Hmmm, I think we need to buy a real guardrail now.  We’ve been improvising before but now Ithink we’d better get the real one.  Of course, safety of my children will always come first.  So after going to church later, I’d better scout for the best guardrail (of course at a reasonable cost) for my kiddo and buy some other stuff that I need for our Baby #3 – another baby boy!!!


I just wanted to share this particular story of my eldest son while having a conversation with his dad.

Izzo:  “Daddy, can we go to Sta. Lucia Dept. Store tomorrow?”

Daddy:  “Why do you want to go there?”

Izzo:  “May titignan lang ako.”  (I just want to see something.”

Daddy: “What do you want to see there?”

Izzo:  “I want to buy a new toy.”

Daddy:  “We don’t have money yet, we have to wait till Daddy receives his salary.”

Izzo:  “Daddy, you have money … (Izzo went to the other side of the room to get a 5 peso gold coin and showed it to his dad)

Daddy: “That’s not enough for you to buy even a small toy.”

Izzo went to me and asked for all my 5 peso gold coins.

Hubby and I really had a good laugh that night.  My son really doesn’t have any idea yet of the real value of money.  He just knows that we need them to buy stuff (esp. his toys).   And that he cannot differentiate a big amount from a smaller amount.  The association of the gold thing maybe he got from watching cartoons on tv.  That when they were able to dig gold bars they say out loud that “We’re rich … we’re rich!”

O well, I wish we could dig up enough gold bars for us to be able to buy all the stuff that we need (and of course those that we want too).

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I just enjoy looking at these pictures …

Izzo’s new version of his funny face

Renzo: “Yabang ko ‘noh?”

Have you ever had an afternoon where you’re daydreaming of going shopping? I just did … hehehe … The following are the things I shopped during my “Dream Shopping”

1. D & G Light Blue Perfume – I love this perfume ‘coz it has a very fresh scent (citrus like), I dont’ like the flowery scents kasi e.
2. Shoes Galore – lots! for office and for casual wear … of course I have to buy it in different colors to match my every wardrobe!
3. Bags – of course to match the shoes I bought
4. Clothes, clothes and lots of them! – from office attires to casual ones.
5. A Spa Treat for me and hubby! – We need this badly to release us from the stress around us (most especially office stress … ssshhhh quiet lang ha!)

Dreaming is free so I got all these for nothing … hehehe!

Hubby and I are thinking of getting a second hand pick-up for our new Foodcart biz. We’ve just been borrowing our Uncle’s pick-up every time we have an event. Well, we’re thankful for him ‘coz he’s so very kind in lending his pick-up to us for the two events we had.

One of my officemate is selling his 1996 Mitsubishi pick-up. We’d like to grab this opportunity since we know the vehicle is in good running condition and well maintained. Since we don’t have that much resources, I called up my friend who’s working in a bank and asked if we can loan a certain amount from their bank for a second hand vehicle. So, she inquired and gave us feedback that they only process loans for 2nd vehicles not more than 5 years. Owwww, maybe this is not yet the perfect time to buy one.

Well, we just hope that people would start to give us opportunities for our foodcart biz and who know we might end up getting a brand new vehicle instead of a second hand one.

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